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Started in 2008 by Laura and Lauryn Curis, The Spoiled Girl is a fun, flirty, unique place for Women to shop.  The store is currently run by Meghan Curis who, after spending years in Chicago, brings her "passion for fashion" to the items that are carried and how well she understands the customers.  Plus her eye for styling and eagerness to help her clientele find exactly what they are looking for makes the shopping experience so much fun!

**Ask about Special Orders to find exactly the piece you need!**


With their exceptional customer service, trendy pieces, and incredible prices, The Spoiled Girl firmly believe that every girl deserves to be a Spoiled Girl!  


The Spoiled Girl is the constantly evolving is a rarity to see the same piece twice.  That being said, if you see something you love, it's best to pick it up immediately!  They continue to update their merchandise regularly to meet the needs and expectations of the customers.  The Spoiled Girl is truly a fashionista-shopping destination for everything fabulous! 

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